About us

Established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2000, Copas set out to provide Information Technology solutions tailored for port terminals, particularly focusing on container terminals. Initially, Copas served as an authorised distributor for top-tier products from various suppliers. However, it quickly expanded its offerings by developing specialised additional modules for Electronic Data Interchange and internet integration.

In 2005, Copas achieved a significant milestone with the acquisition of STEPII, thereby becoming the proud owner of a container Terminal Operating System. Subsequently, a refined version of STEPII was launched in 2009, which later evolved into STEP by the end of 2012. This version supports every main activity of a modern container & general cargo terminal today.

Whether you seek individual modules for system integration or a comprehensive container and/or general cargo terminal operating system, Copas stands ready as your trusted partner. Our proficient team is adept at navigating you through any transitions ahead. Today, numerous terminals have chosen STEP as their preferred Terminal Operating System.

Driven by a customer-first approach, Copas prioritises the evolving needs of its clients, thus continuously refining and expanding the STEP application suite.

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