Copas, supplier of STEP (Terminal Operating System)
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Like you, we love building awesome products without overhead, right to the heart of the business making the operations easier, better, and faster. STEP is built for you. Read more...

For all terminals

Whether you're an inland or a sea-bound terminal, handle containers, trailers and/or vehicles STEP is the solution built for you.

For all sizes

Software prices are volume-based—small terminals pay small prices—we let you pay the right price at startup and let it grow with your business.

Project Management

The implementation of a new IT system is not an easy matter, we at Copas made that our specialty. Our project managers will guide you smoothly through this time consuming transition-process.

Extensive functionality

Originally built with all basic functions in mind, STEP and certainly it's modules have evolved to include a wide range of features to suit every modern terminal.

Customer driven

Unlike some other software providers, we at Copas are not reluctant to listen to your needs and add missing features to STEP or one of it's modules.

Modular design

We know that not every terminal needs all functions we provide. We let you choose from a wide variety of modules and you can cherry pick the tools you like.

Portable and scalable

We've chosen the J2EE technology as platform to keep the software portable not only between hardware brands but also between most Operating systems and Relational databases.

24x7 Support

We understand life is often quite stressful at your terminal when you work day and night to serve your customers. Call us to help you, even outside the normal working hours.


Training is essential to keep you informed about new software releases and make the best use of STEP. Your staff can be trained at your premises or at Copas. Retraining can be organized on demand.